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Live Electronic Music and Sound Design with examples in Pure Data and the ELSE library
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Live Electronic Music Tutorial with examples in Pure Data and the ELSE Library By Alexandre Torres Porres (

This tutorial presents theory and practice on Live Electronics without prerequisits, it is aimed at newbies, dummies, enthusiasts and also experts. The choice of adopting Pure Data in the examples is its accessibility and also because it is considered a powerful didactic tool to present the topics of Live Electronics.


[version 1.0 beta-8 (Unreleased)]

This work is licenced via Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) which allows downloading and sharing with proper creditd. It also forbids its usage for comercial purposes. Check the license at: visite

This is a didactic project developed with Pure Data (or just "Pd", a.k.a. "Pd vanilla" distribution), an open source software developed by Miller Puckette - get it at Also Access for other resources on Pd. The official Pd mailing list is found here:

This tutorial needs Pd 0.49-0 and should work on later versions­. The example patches only work for Pd Vanilla and are not compatible to Pd-Extended and Purr Data (which are other versions/forks of Pure Data). The examples also heavily depend on the "ELSE" library for Pd. This library is developed by Alexandre Torres Porres and you can download and install it directly via Pd by going to the "Help" menu and clicking on "Find Externals", then just search for 'else'. For more details on the ELSE library, check:, where you can also check earlier versions of the library. This particular version of the tutorial depends on ELSE 1.0 beta 18 (!

This project started in 2008 as a textbook for a computer music course. In 2009, the author presented a paper about it in the 3rd International Pure Data Convention. Currently, the work is divided into two volumes and solely presented as example patches that the author uses in his courses/workshops. The plan now is to write a book accompanied by these examples. Originally developed in brazilian portuguese and for Pd Extended 0.42-5, this has just been translated to english and ported to rely only in objects from the ELSE external library and the newer Pd Vanilla versions.

This is still in the early drafts from the first translation round. Many typos and mistakes may exist. This work is now depending on the softare development in the ELSE library to include more examples. Since the ELSE library is still in an early beta stage of development, some objects may change in functionality, new objects are being developed and others might even be deleted until a final version is out. If so, future updates of this didactc material will reflect these changes.

At this moment, the first two volumes of this work are virtually finished and a third volume is in progress, yet to be revised and include more examples and topics.

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