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Bambam is a simple baby keyboard (and gamepad) masher application that locks the keyboard and mouse and instead displays bright colors, pictures, and sounds. While OSX has great programs like AlphaBaby, the original author couldn't find anything for Linux and having wanted to learn Python for a while, Bambam was his excuse.

Bambam screenshot


Before running this application, ensure you have the following installed:

  • Python - version 3.x is recommended but version 2.7 should work too
  • Pygame


First, see if your distribution has a bambam package already. This way takes care of localized program messages and manual pages.

For example:

sudo apt install bambam
man bambam

If not, you can install it manually as follows:

  1. Download the or bambam-1.1.2.tar.gz file.
  2. Unzip or "tar zxvf bambam-1.1.2.tar.gz" to create the bambam-1.1.2 directory.
  3. Move into the 'bambam-1.1.2' directory
cd bambam-1.1.2
  1. Execute

To exit, just directly type the command mentioned in the upper left-hand corner of the window. In the English locales, this is:


More information is in the man page. To view it, type:

man ./bambam.6

Comments or suggestions? Any feedback is appreciated, please send it to the bambam-users forum.

Translations for this game are done on Weblate. Please help translating for your mother tongue!

This project was moved from its location in April 2015, since that site was about to be shut down.

Note that changes (as of 2010-08-17) from the launchpad bambam fork had been merged back to this project in February 2014.