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@porsager porsager released this 10 Oct 18:53
· 20 commits to master since this release
  • Add Support for Cloudflare Workers & Pages (#599) b88e261
  • Add sql.reserve method 7f6e0cc
  • Add sql.prepare(name) to allow custom names (#628) 8f6f4e3
  • Allow for incomplete custom types 1df4286
  • Allow array of Fragments in ParameterOrFragment 82908d3
  • Allow a falsy url string e4b158b
  • Fix crash on errors in logical streaming, but log and reconnect a4bf5fa
  • Fix #674 TypeScript issues with dynamic inserts 5f569d8
  • Fix connection on deno 1.36.3 (#673) bf082a5
  • Fix replica identity changes when using subscribe 087c414
  • Fix a bun issue with stack traces cae4d97
  • Ensure number options are coerced from string - fixes #622 ba498fd
  • Support notify for transactions and reserved connections as well. fixes #611 0dac913
  • Use select helper inside parenthesis c2fe67b