Tapestry Conversation and Window State Handling
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Tapestry Conversation

Window and conversation scope for Tapestry web framework.


In your pages and components you can use the @WindowState annotation to mark objects as per-window. This works similar to @SessionState but stores the data in the session per window. When the user opens a new browser tab or window another object will be used (JavaScript needs to be activated to make this work).

private MyObject object;

The same applies to @Persist("window") which stores page state variables on a per-window basis in the session.

If you want to change the global persist strategy to per-window you have to change the configuration "tapestry.persistence-strategy":

public static void contributeApplicationDefaults(MappedConfiguration<String,String> configuration)
  configuration.add(SymbolConstants.PERSISTENCE_STRATEGY, ConversationPersistenceConstants.WINDOW);

How it works

tbd ...