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lwt is a simple tool that, given a whitelist of process IDs and/or process names, will print out any process and its ID that has an open socket but is not in either whitelist. It is a thin, simple wrapper around lsof without dependencies.

lwt stands for look who's talking.


The package is on PYPI, so you can install it easily if you have pip installed:

pip install lwt


From the help text of lwt:

usage: lwt [-h] [--pids PIDS] [--names NAMES] [--monitor]
           [--monitor-time MONITOR_TIME]

Get processes with open sockets but no permission to use them

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --pids PIDS, -p PIDS  the PID file
  --names NAMES, -n NAMES
                        the process name file
  --monitor, -m         continuously monitor the system
  --monitor-time MONITOR_TIME, -t MONITOR_TIME
                        the number of seconds to wait between monitor runs
                        (can be fraction)

lwt needs either a PID file or a process name file (or both).

Monitor mode will continuously run the inspection, waiting an interval of MONITOR_TIME seconds (monitor time can be a floating point number or integer and will default to 1).

Have fun!