A checklist of sales tactics for your side projects.
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The Side Project Sales Checklist


The Side Project Sales Checklist is a comprehensive, chronologically ordered list of sales tactics that you can try with your next side project. The list is free and open source, so feel free to suggest your own additions anytime.


A lot of developers have great side projects, but they hate the idea of sales. While there are definitely slimy sales people and slimy sales tactics, you don't have to stoop to that level just to make a sale. This list gives you honest, simple tasks you can complete each week to find your first customers and build a successful side project.


  1. Copy the sales-checklist.md file or fork this repository.

  2. Add, remove, or modify the tactics as you see fit based on your project, experience, and customers.

  3. Get to work! The checklist format allows you to keep up with which things you've tried and which you haven't.

  4. Profit? I mean, that's the goal, right?

The checklist and companion blog posts are also available online at sideprojectchecklist.com.

Don't forget to also check out the Side Project Marketing Checklist as well.


See the Contributing page.


This project is offered via the MIT License. See the license page for details.

Copyright 2017, Portable CTO LLC.