A portable common lisp development environment
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joaotavora and Shinmera Use a site-start.el file for portacle-specific Emacs setup
This is cleaner than just loading a file on startup. For one, Emacs's
startup mechanism won't get confused and will correctly honour
initial-major-mode for example.

for the gist on site-start.el files.

* build/emacs.sh (install): Copy site-start.el to correct location.

* build/emacsd.sh (install): Export ROOT so site-start.el finds
other portacle modules.
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About Portacle

Portacle is a portable Common Lisp environment. What this means is that it is a fully featured integrated development environment for use with Common Lisp that runs on all major platforms and can even be put onto a USB stick to carry around.

What is this? How do I install it? How do I use it?

For most questions, see the official website. It should give you a good presentation of what this is in detail, how to get set up, and how to use it.

Compiling From Source

In order to build the portacle environment yourself, please refer to the README in the build/ directory of the repository. Note that you usually do not need to do this. The pre-made release packages should be sufficient.