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Portainer documentation
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Portainer documentation

Documentation Status

Documentation is available at


After modifying the documentation files inside the docs/source folder, you can build the documentation locally to preview your changes.

$ docker run --rm -v ${PWD}/docs:/src portainer/docbuilder:latest make html

HTML files will be available under docs/build/html for preview.

Visual Studio Code

You can also work directly inside the docker container used above via VS Code devcontainer.

Please follow the getting started guide from the link above to install and setup the required VS Code extensions. Once they are ready VS Code will inform you that it has detected a devcontainer configuration and you can switch your project folder into it. During startup of the devcontainer VS Code will build the Dockerfile of this repository, mount the project into the running container and finally open a terminal for you inside it.

Inside the devcontainer based project workspace you can then run the pre-defined VS Code Task "Make HTML" to build the documentation. Refer to this link on how to run tasks in VS Code.

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