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@deviantony deviantony released this Dec 12, 2018 · 139 commits to develop since this release



  • Prevent a potential LDAP user password leak: #2488
  • Automatically shutdown the Portainer instance after 5min if the administrator user is not configured: #2475


  • Extension support: #2527


  • Support the usage of a mutual secret for agent deployments: #2486
  • Enable features based on agent version: #2364



  • Fix a bug with LDAP teams not synchronizing: #2177


  • Add the ability to execute custom scripts via a privileged container on a standalone host: #2349, #2181
  • Host view overhaul: #2240


  • Support swagger-codegen: #2404


  • Fix an issue when deploying a template with a variable selected from a dropdown: #2306
  • Fix an issue when creating a template with a custom network: #2097


  • Support line count and since parameters in service logs view: #2377
  • Alphabetically sort secrets/configs in service creation/details views: #2229


  • Fix an erratic behavior when starting a session with an invalid binary: #2502
  • Add 1s and 3s refresh rates for the container statistics view: #2493
  • Fix a JS error message when accessing the statistics view of a stopped container: #2480
  • Display memory and cache in container stats: #2380, #2074
  • Support line count and since parameters in container logs view: #2377
  • Support specifying a log driver when creating a container: #2376
  • Fix a bug when creating a container using runc runtime: #2314
  • Allow escaped quotes for command when creating a container: #1912
  • Fix invalid container statistics for Windows containers: #1368


  • Support offline endpoint browsing: #2461, #2443, #2221
  • Fix a potential concurrency issue with snapshots: #2459
  • Add a small information message when creating an agent powered endpoint: #2303
  • Prevent blocking on snapshot at startup: #2220


  • Display node name when available: #2213
  • Keep a consistent order in tasks after refresh: #1992


  • Add a setting to enable host management features (scheduling, host browsing, job execution): #2439


  • Support macvlan network creation on standalone host: #2412


  • Support latest Compose version when deploying Swarm stack: #2366
  • Allow the creation of a stack called "new": #2298
  • Add the ability to duplicate an already deployed stack: #2234


  • Set a 5s timeout on HTTP requests in backend: #2297
  • Remove X-Frame-Options header: #2279


  • Display endpoint URL and add the ability to filter by endpoint URL: #2469
  • Add the ability to upload/download files to the host: #2182, #2338
  • Support endpoints filtering by multiple properties: #2242
  • Add the ability to edit an endpoint directly from the home view: #2241


  • Fix an invalid error notification when uploading an archive containing multiple images: #2503


  • Display
  • Use the plural form of nouns for resources when needed: #2473


  • Add new yarn scripts: #2495
  • Update build scripts: #2276


  • Update Docker binary version to 18.09.0: #2510


  • Refactor unauthenticated state management: #2393

Minor changes

  • Update stored templates logo URL base: #2537
  • Update MOTD file URL: #2466
  • Change home view border color for endpoint items: #2465
  • Minor UX update when creating an image from a container: #2442
  • Sort network list in container creation, container details and service creation: #2326
  • Add the name of the container when an error is raised when restarting a container: #2313
  • UX update across containers/services for consistency: #2013
  • Persist tables filters across the app: #1945
  • Prevent access to admin-init view when administrator user is already defined: #1853
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