An exception handler for OpsCode Chef runs, GitHub Gist & IRC.
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Chef IRC Snitch

Chef IRC Snitch is an OpsCode Chef exception handler for notifying people when a Chef run fails via IRC; providing a link to a private GitHub Gist containing node information, an exception message, and a backtrace. The IRC message also includes the node name and its run list, making it possible to sift/search through logs for a specific failure. Using GitHub Gists to store failure information provides a convenient way to share with others.


gem install chef-irc-snitch


Append the following to your Chef client configs, usually at /etc/chef/client.rb

# Notify admins via IRC when a Chef run fails
require "chef-irc-snitch"

irc_uri = "irc://"
enable_ssl = true

irc_handler =, enable_ssl)

exception_handlers << irc_handler

Alternatively, you can use the LWRP (available @


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