A report handler for OpsCode Chef runs, outputs a list of updated resources.
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Chef Journalist

Chef Journalist is an OpsCode Chef report/exception handler for outputting a list of updated resources. The resource list can be filtered by resource type (template, cookbook_file, etc), all types are outputted by default.


gem install chef-journalist


Append the following to your Chef client configs, usually at /etc/chef/client.rb

require "chef-journalist"

report_handlers << Journalist.new
exception_handlers << Journalist.new

Alternatively, you can use the LWRP (available @ http://community.opscode.com/cookbooks/chef_handler)

You can provide an array of resource types to be included in the report, default is all.

report_handlers << Journalist.new(%w[template cookbook_file])

Example Output

Running report handlers
Writing the updated resource report ...


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