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Platform based on a mobile app and a REST web service that provides real time public transport information using crowdsourcing techniques. The app allows users to share with others valuable public transport geolocation data while enabling real time visualization of the geolocation of buses and taxis.


I started this project on September of 2011 as a final year project for my undergraduate. My main motivation was to crack into Android and webservices and at the same time provide a useful piece of sofware that could constitute a proof of concept on how to leverage the power of the people using smartphones and ubiquity.

The project was submited on Frebuary of 2012 after 6 months of hard work and crafting. I got an irrelevant mark of 96% and the project was recognized as the best final year project by the Spanish company Tecnocom. Regardless these distinctions, the main output for me was a valuable knowledge on mobile and webservice development as well as a bunch of cool technologies such as Text To Speeach, Google Maps API and Google Cloud Messaging (the earlies version of this API).

On October 2013, 2 years afer starting the project, I decided to release the source code to the community. I have reviewed that everything works correctly and fixed some incompatibilities with newer versions of the Android SDK.

Open source

I don't expect that anyone continues the project but if someone fancies to do it please feel free my fiend to fork & pull request. Here is a list with some things worth doing:

  • Migrate from Google Maps API v1 to v2
  • Translate string.xml to multiple languages (easy picking)
  • Refactor UI xml files using fragments
  • Optimize UI for tablets
  • Allow users to insert new bus lines when these do not exists in the database


An Android app to track the location of public transport in real time. It also manages taxi bookings.






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