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Thank you for contributing to this project!

Bug reports

If you find a bug, please submit an issue. Try to be as detailed as possible in your problem description to help us fix the bug.

Feature requests

If you wish to propose a feature, please submit an issue. Try to explain your use case as fully as possible to help us understand why you think the feature should be added.

Creating a pull request (PR)

First fork the repository on GitHub.

Then clone your fork:

$ git clone
$ git checkout -b bug-or-feature-description

And install the dependencies:

$ composer install

Write your code and add tests. Then run the tests:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit
$ vendor/bin/phpspec

Commit your changes and push them to GitHub:

$ git commit -m "Fix nasty bug"
$ git push -u origin bug-or-feature-description

Then create a pull request on GitHub.

If you need to make some changes, commit and push them as you like. When asked to squash your commits, do so as follows:

git rebase -i
git push origin bug-or-feature-description -f

Coding standard

This project follows the PSR-2 coding style. Please make sure your pull requests adhere to this standard.

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