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Hackintosh for Ryzen 3700X & MSI B450i & DW1820A
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Clover EFI for Ryzen 3700X & MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC

HW Builds

Type Name
CPU Ryzen 3700X
MB MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC
Audio ALC887
GPU XFX Radeon RX 480 8 GB
RAM 16G DDR4 (8G * 2)
Wireless & Bluetooth DW1820A



  • Unknown processor in About This Mac (need to modify system files)
  • Wrong ram speed display in About This Mac (shows half speed)
  • No 32-bit support
  • Can't run andriod emulator since android emulator only supports vt-x, but genymotion and virtualbox with amd-v support work well
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