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SQLiPy is a Python plugin for Burp Suite that integrates SQLMap using the SQLMap API.
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SQLiPy is a Python plugin for Burp Suite that integrates SQLMap using the SQLMap API.

SQLMap comes with a RESTful based server that will execute SQLMap scans. This plugin can start the API for you or connect to an already running API to perform a scan.


Jython 2.7 beta, due to the use of json
Java 1.7 or 1.8 (the beta version of Jython 2.7 requires this)


SQLiPy relies on a running instance of the SQLMap API server. You can manually start the server with:

  python -s -H <ip> -p <port>

Or, you can use the SQLMap API tab to select the IP/Port on which to run, as well as the path to python and on your system.

Once the SQLMap API is running, it is just a matter of right mouse clicking in the 'Request' sub tab of either the Target or Proxy main tabs and choosing 'SQLiPy Scan'.

This will populate the SQLMap Scanner tab of the plugin with information about that request. Clicking the 'Start Scan' button will execute a scan.

If the page is vulnerable to SQL injection, then a thread from the plugin will poll the results and add them to the Scanner Results tab.

For more information, see the post here:


The extension can start the script, but this is not recommended. It has been observed in numerous instances that the API becomes unresponsive when started this way. Updates have been made to solve this issue, but I still recommend starting the API from a command shell.

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