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The Bracket App

Bracket application will allow users to choose to fill out a bracket to compete with other users.

Developer Guide


  • Mongo 2.0 or greater
  • Java 1.6 or greater
  • Servlet 2.5 or higher container (Tomcat 7)
  • Maven 3 or greater
  • Node.js and npm
  • CoffeeScript module for compiling coffee

Getting Started

  • Clone this repo.

Database Setup

This will create/replace a db called bracket in mongoDb using seed data found in /data/bracket/

  • Startup your mongoDb instance
  • run /data/, or populateMongoLocal.bat

CoffeeScript setup

You can run compile the CoffeeScript to javascript by executing:

  • /buildCoffee/ - one time compilation
  • /buildCoffee/ - this will continually monitor /src/main/webapp/resources/coffee for changes

Java Setup

This application should be automatically configured in any IDE that supports maven

Running the application

To run the application use run mvn package from the project's root directory.

Once the build sucessfully finishes, you can deploy /target/bracket.war to your favorite Servlet container.

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