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Key Dates

  • March 9 - Brown bag
  • March 11 - Selection Sunday
  • March 15 - Tournament Starts
  • April 2 - Championship Game


Anonymous User visits site

  • Presented with read-only version of the bracket
  • Has the option to login via twitter

User home page

  • Presented with their "home" page from which they can:
  • look at a read only version of the bracket
  • create/update their own bracket (as long as the tournament is in "open" status)
    • only one bracket per pool
  • PHASE 2 search and join another pool
  • PHASE 2 create a public or private pool (There will be only one global public pool for phase 1)
  • PHASE 2 see a list of pools they have been invited to join and choose to accept/reject invite
  • view leaderboards (should have all boards the user has access to)


  • Table with display name, current point total and total remaining points available
  • PHASE 2 should have a separate leaderboard for each pool


  • PHASE 2 Pools can be public or private
  • PHASE 2 One admin per pool:
    • admin can invite or kick users