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Porybox is a platform that allows users to manage their Pokémon to easily display their collections and make more informed trade decisions.



Make sure you have Node 6+ installed.

git clone
cd porybox
npm install

Setting up a local database

To run Porybox locally, you will need to connect to a MongoDB instance somewhere. This section will walk you through how to set up a local MongoDB instance. You can skip the first two steps if you plan to connect to a remote MongoDB instance.

  1. Follow the instructions here to install MongoDB.
  2. Run sudo mongod in another terminal window.

To enter private config information (a remote database URL, or a database password):

cp config/local.example.js config/local.js
# (enter your config information into config/local.js)

Running Porybox

Once you have a database running, use npm start to run Porybox on a local server. You can now interact with it by going to http://localhost:1337.

To run the unit tests, use npm test.


We welcome code changes, issue raising and help with documentation, but please remember to read the file initially.

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