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Thanks for contributing to porybox. To keep things organized, please follow these guidelines:


To report a bug with porybox, create a GitHub issue for it. Please try to include any information that might be relevant (e.g. What browser are you using? What did you expect to happen?)

If you find a security issue with porybox, please do not report it on GitHub; instead, please report it here. A security issue is a bug that could be used to compromise the server or the integrity/privacy of its data if used maliciously. For example, a bug that allowed a private Pokémon to be downloaded by someone other than its owner would be a security issue.

Adding features/code

To contribute code to porybox, make a pull request to the master branch. Please be sure that the linter passes without any warnings, and that all of the unit tests pass. You can check this by starting a local database server and running npm test. If you are submitting a new feature or a bugfix, please also add test(s) for it.