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# Acrylamid Changelog
Version 0.3
### 0.3.5
- new command `acrylamid check` W3C compliance and validates external
links, closes #32
- new command `acrylamid info` showing version, cache size and latest
articles and number of drafted and published writings.
- add previous and next relations to single entry, closes #29
- entry has now zero-padded day and month, thanks to Mark, #37
- default smartypants behaviour is now unmodified, custom changes
require TYPOGRAPHY_MODE = "a", see #36 (thanks to Mark)
- compilation summary and hide skip/identical by default
- deployments are now executed in a real shell environment
- verified python 3 support (via
- templates are now configurable per view, #24
- use argparse instead of optparse
- few bugfixes to core that induces new compilation :/
### 0.3.4
- per entry settings for summarize filter
- add split filter to jinja filter
- fix a block when importing something
- unicode awareness
- experimental python 3 support (!)
- new filter: Discount – a faster Markdown implementation
### 0.3.3
- new sitemap generator
- add experimental bash_completion (source from GitHub repository)
- `acrylamid deploy` now shows available tasks when no argument is given
- add SSL and start options for reST's YouTube directive
- new test framework `cram`
- new API: you can now register callbacks to events (sitemap view
and `acrylamid clean` are implemented that way).
- refactoring and first API docs available under (yes, that's the Werkzeug theme).
- lazy imports to ease writing custom filters
- less I/O on cache objects (= speed improvements)
- fix for invalid cache objects
- fix unescaped attributes
- more robust error handling for filters
### 0.3.2
- use a single, compressed cache file for each entry
- fix (hopefully) the last issue with system locales
- don't touch permalinks with trailing slash
- make custom keys in YAML header available in templating
- new YouTube embed code for reStructuredText
- new metalogo filter by sebix
- add explicit `static` for static pages
- fix a serious issue where <tag foo> raises an exception
- clean removes abandoned cache files as well, #27
- add filter version, #26
### 0.3.1
- new content filter: textile (thanks to sebix)
- add import for WordPress (thanks to ametaireau/pelican) and Atom
- new reStructuredText directives: code (JS), code-block (Pygments)
and YouTube
- bugfixes in various built-in filters and internals
- deployment is no longer limited to a single command (thanks to sebix)
- deployment has now incremental output
- Markdown 2.1 compatibility for asciimathml
### 0.3.0
Released on April, 1th 2012 [Aprilscherz]
- new command `acrylamid new` to create a new post with some defaults
- new command `acrylamid view` an internal webserver to view your output
- new command `acrylamid autocompile` automatically compile if something as
has changed and a parallel running webserver on port -p 8000
- new command `acrylamid clean` to clean untracked files (orphans)
- new command `acrylamid deploy` to run your own commands with acrylamid
- new command `acrylamid import` to import content from an existing RSS feed
- new condition property in Filter so you can e.g. make a per-tag feed or
get multilanguage support in your blog
- new jinja2, acronyms and pandoc filters
- new HTML5 layout (and it even validates)
- pelican inspired configuration
- optional PyYAML support
- documentation
- major refactoring
- API overhaul
- tons of bugfixes
- sub-uri support
- some unit tests
- speed improvements
.. 176 commits, 66 files changed, 5384 insertions(+), 1870 deletions(-)
Version 0.2
### 0.2.2
- add static page support (see docs/howtows.rst)
- fix update when entry moved/drafted
### 0.2.1
- new draft feature that excludes entries from everything except entry view
- minor bugfixes
### 0.2.0
Released on 16th December 2011
- introduced caching
- lazy evaluation for expensive operations
- first docs
Version 0.1.11
- Tag-View
- pass-through filter
- removed pyyaml dependency
Version 0.1.10
Initial release, released on November 16th 2011
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