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Acrylamid doesn't reinvent the wheel. It integrates a lot of useful projects to provide a feature-rich user experience. You can use acrylamid in a very minimalistic way and write your posts in plain markdown or add more expensive features you may not have with dynamic web pages such as code highlighting, typography, mathml and hyphenation. See :doc:`about` for a listing of third-party libraries used.

I'm aware of tools like javascript-based syntax highlighting and browser/javascript provided hyphenation, but the latter is rather slow and a browser may not distuingish between different languages. Acrylamids focuses on plain HTML generation and avoids javascript usage whenever possible.

Linux/Debian and OS X

You'll need the python interpreter with version ≥ 2.6 and a python package manager. If you are on Linux (Debian-based), just apt-get install python python-setuputils. If you are using OS X the proper Python version is already installed (10.6 or later).

$> easy_install -U acrylamid

And you are done with the simplest setup (by the way even markdown and translitcodec are not must-have dependency).


Avoid removing translitcodec egg after you started writing your blog. It might break all your permanent links.

Additional Supported Modules

Feature Dependency
reStructuredText docutils
Textile pytextile
Syntax Highlighting pygments
Typography enhancements smartypants
AsciiMathML to MathML asciimathml
cyrillic/chinese ascii slugs unidecode
Mako Templates mako
exact YAML parser PyYAML

Asian/Russian Users

If you write in your native language, you have to install unidecode for ASCII transcription of your characters. This is only required for the safe slug to your post.


Not supported currently.

Python 3

Within the release of 0.3.4 Acrylamid has experimental support for Python 3. I hope 2to3 gets automatically applied, if not:

$ 2to3 -wn -x execfile acrylamid/
$ python install
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