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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
from __future__ import unicode_literals
import io
from os.path import join, dirname
from acrylamid import log, compat
copy = lambda path:, path), 'rb')
__ = ['*.swp', ]
conf = {
'sitename': 'A descriptive blog title',
'author': 'Anonymous',
'email': '',
'date_format': '%d.%m.%Y, %H:%M',
'encoding': 'utf-8',
'permalink_format': '/:year/:slug/',
# pagination
'default_orphans': 0,
# tag cloud
'tag_cloud_max_items': 100,
'tag_cloud_steps': 4,
'tag_cloud_start_index': 0,
'tag_cloud_shuffle': False,
# filter & view configuration
'filters_dir': [],
'views_dir': [],
'filters': ['markdown+codehilite(css_class=highlight)', 'hyphenate'],
'views': {
# user dirs
'output_dir': 'output/',
'output_ignore': ['.git*', '.hg*', '.svn'],
'content_dir': 'content/',
'content_ignore': ['.git*', '.hg*', '.svn'] + __,
'content_extension': ['.txt', '.rst', '.md'],
'theme': 'layouts/',
'theme_ignore': ['.git*', '.hg*', '.svn'] + __,
'static': None,
'static_ignore': ['.git*', '.hg*', '.svn'] + __,
'static_filter': ['Template', 'XML'],
'engine': 'acrylamid.templates.jinja2.Environment',
def normalize(conf):
# metastyle has been removed
if 'metastyle' in conf:'notice METASTYLE is no longer needed to determine the metadata format ' + \
'and can be removed.')
# deprecated since 0.8
if isinstance(conf['static'], list):
conf['static'] = conf['static'][0]
log.warn("multiple static directories has been deprecated, " + \
"Acrylamid continues with '%s'.", conf['static'])
# deprecated since 0.8
for fx in 'Jinja2', 'Mako':
except ValueError:
log.warn("%s asset filter has been renamed to `Template` and is "
"included by default.", fx)
if not isinstance(conf['theme'], list):
conf['theme'] = [conf['theme']]
for i, path in enumerate(conf['theme']):
if not path.endswith('/'):
conf['theme'][i] = path + "/"
for key in 'content_dir', 'static', 'output_dir':
if conf[key] is not None and not conf[key].endswith('/'):
conf[key] += '/'
for key in 'views_dir', 'filters_dir':
if isinstance(conf[key], compat.string_types):
conf[key] = [conf[key], ]
return conf