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# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2012 Martin Zimmermann <>. All rights reserved.
# License: BSD Style, 2 clauses -- see LICENSE.
from functools import partial
from itertools import chain
from collections import defaultdict
from acrylamid.core import cache
from acrylamid.utils import hash
from acrylamid.compat import map
__orig_refs = None
__seen_refs = None
__entry_map = None
def load(*entries):
"""Initialize references, load previous state."""
global __orig_refs, __seen_refs, __entry_map
__seen_refs = defaultdict(set)
__orig_refs = cache.memoize('references') or defaultdict(set)
__entry_map = dict((hash(entry), entry) for entry in chain(*entries))
def save():
"""Save new references state to disk."""
global __seen_refs
cache.memoize('references', __seen_refs)
def modified(key, references):
"""Check whether an entry hash `key` has modified `references`. This
function takes the return values from :func:`refernces`."""
global __orig_refs, __entry_map
if not references:
return False
if __orig_refs[key] != __seen_refs[key]:
return True
return any(__entry_map[ref].modified for ref in references)
except KeyError:
return True
def references(entry):
"""Return hash for entry and the referenced entries' hashes."""
global __seen_refs
return hash(entry), __seen_refs.get(hash(entry), set())
def track(func):
"""A syntactic-sugar decorator to automatically track yielded
references from an entry. See :class:`Translation` in
:mod:`acrylamid.views.entry` for an example."""
def dec(entry, item):
append(entry, item)
return item
return lambda entry, **kw: map(partial(dec, entry), func(entry, **kw))
def append(entry, *references):
"""Appenf `references` to `entry`."""
global __seen_refs
for ref in references: