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A name for 1.0 #138

maphew opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Here and there one sees mention that the project name acrylamid is a placeholder of sorts, a working name for now until something better might be possibly come to be. Thus this issue as a place to bring suggestions forward.

Suggestions so far:

acrylamid - leave as is, just create an acr/acra/... symlink or batch file of your choice if you want something shorter

acr - a bit obscure, neither a word or acronym; nice and short, but feels not right as a project name.

acrylic, acron, acra... or something else from

across - "n. - From side to side; athwart; crosswise, or in a direction opposed to the length; quite over; as, a bridge laid across a river" -- perhaps not related enough to the working name, breaks history

acryl - short, easy to type and say; in english does sound a bit... unfinished, like something was dropped, but that's alright, the feeling would disappear quickly; keeps association with acrylamid



Although I preferred acryl in my native language, I'm okay with acrylic now. That makes -- if I counted correctly -- three out of three for the new name "acrylic" on the command line (not sure for 1.0 or slightly earlier such as 0.8 or 0.9) and the capitalized version as new project name (someday?).


I'm of the same opinion, Until now I prefered the shortname acryl but I haven't any objections to acrylic which definitely sounds better in other languages - you are completely right!


Koobs and Gour suggested some other names on IRC (not depending on acr-xxx):

and a very recent suggestion: Arounder (from "all rounder") and arr as executable.

I personally like the "Arounder/Arr" thing. What do you think of it?


There is already, which might cause troubles down the road if the project gets big enough for it's own domain. I wouldn't let that stop you though if you like it.

Baryon has a ready made cool mascot: baryonyx

Graaf: is really neat, because acrylic is a static generator, and the association with the Count of nobility has room for fun: " Graaf, a -noble- site -generator-, electrifying -static- sites since 20xx." :) It's my favourite so far.

(reposted on github to fix formatting. apologies for the noise if you're getting this through email subscription)


I like acryl more then the longer ´acrylic´ version, as Italian (or simply as me) I have always the momentary stop, where the i and the y should be? yli or ily? So less the doubts better the name for me.
Before finding the issue I was thinking also as the contraction acryd as proposal.

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