track referenced entries for updates #67

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posativ commented Sep 3, 2012

Specific for mako and jinja2 filters: when referenced entries change (e.g. the title), these changes are not updated.


posativ commented Nov 24, 2012

Not only for mako and jinja2 filters but as general solution. Currently, I have no content in my tag view (only the titles). Since the has changed operation asks the cache if the entry already exists, it always returns "yep, has changed", because Acrylamid will never create a cache object for an entry it that won't get rendered.

Conclusion: separate cache and has changed determination. Tracking references also makes previous and next links to posts obsolete.

posativ added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 5, 2012

basic support for references, #67
currently tracked:

  - next, prev links
  - changes in translations

posativ added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 11, 2012

track changes in environment, part II of #67
From now on, Acrylamid uses a hash over the environment object to check
for modifications. If any -> view re-generates HTML.

posativ added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 22, 2012

track changes in configuration, part III of #67
Acrylamid now can compare whether the configuration between two runs
has changed and will "force" a recompilation from cache.

Due performance reasons and other side-effects, the cache is no longer
self-healing. That means it won't detect refactorings or unused
intermediates, but will silently fail and force an update. If your
filter chain in the configuration file has changed, you have to
force recompilation to clear unused cache objects.

This brings 15-20% performance gain to compensate the newly introduced
configuration, environment and reference tracking costs.

posativ commented Dec 22, 2012

Fixed in develop branch.

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