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Source files of my personal blog using Acrylamid as static blog engine.
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acronyms.txt | acrylamid

This are most ressources from my personal blog using Acrylamid as static blog compiler. Beside the default HTML5 theme it features an extended acronym filter, a planet feed and a listing of all Linkschleuders on a single site without summarization.


  • reStructuredText, Markdown, pandoc
  • AsciiMathML, Jinja2
  • lolcat for special colorization

See it in action

$ git clone && cd
$ acrylamid compile
$ acrylamid view
$ acrylamid deploy

You might get a lot of errors during the compilation procedure, that's because I removed the referenced assets (image gallery and such). With about 170 articles, I can compile a new entry in less than two seconds, layout or configuration changes in around 3-4 seconds. Can you do that with Pelican, Tinkerer, Nikola, whatsoever?

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