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refactorization and SQLAlchemy #108

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posativ commented Jul 21, 2014

Work in progress.


  • using MVC
  • cookie expiration (add test!)
  • move API.fetch into controller
  • rewrite HTTP-based "unit" tests to real unittests
  • unittests for remaining integration tests (isso/tests/views/)
  • fix notifications and thread title discovery
  • revert signaling API
  • fix Disqus/WordPress migration
  • remove thread locals
  • use connections/transactions in controllers

Any new TODO/FIXME comment.


  • threads, comments and preferences table in SA
  • thread/comments controller use SA to query the database
  • prune threads without comments periodically
  • replace SQLite3Cache with SA
  • replace SQLite3Queue with SA
  • database migration


  • escape username and website
  • fix previously escaped username and website website
  • fix new like/dislike response

posativ and others added some commits Jun 25, 2014

remove configuration dependency in Markup
Also handle mutable datastructures more carefully.
include default.ini in package
share/isso.conf symlink actually. Fix broken isso.dispatch module.
connection pooling and new cache implementations
* add a wrapper around `sqlite3` to enable connection pooling across
  multiple threads.

  Most tests now use a in-memory database which speeds things (slightly)
  up. The database wrapper is now uncoupled from the actual database

* split cache framework from core.Mixin into a separate package
  `isso.cache`. The dependency on `werkzeug.contrib` has been removed to
  ease a possible transition to a different web framework later.

  The default cache uses SQLite3 now (unless Isso is run from uWSGI).
  While it may sound like a Bad Idea (tm), it's much more efficient than
  per-process python datastructures. The SQLite3 cache is SMP-capable
  and fast for read-heavy sites.

  SQLite3 may fail due to a corrupt database for concurrent read access
  from multiple processes. The database is actually not corrupted, but
  the connection is stale. As a workaround, limit process number to your
  CPU count or wait until a "real" backend such as PostgreSQL is
cache processed HTML
The sanitizer is written in Python and rather slow for many comments
remove uWSGI/Process/Threading mixin
* atexit is ignored by uWSGI and the worker thread can not exit
* queue API and naming is not final

Gunicorn ignores an error on shutdown:

    Exception SystemExit: 0 in <module 'threading' from
    '/usr/lib64/python2.7/threading.pyc'> ignored
drop Python 2.6
* no timedelta.total_seconds
* no functools.total_ordering

Merge branch 'master' into dev
refactor and migration to SQLAlchemy
* split db/view into model, controller and views
* use SQLAlchemy for comments, threads and preferences
Merge pull request #109 from NicolasLM/dev
Update config sample to work with SQLAlchemy
remove cgi.escape and simplify input sanitization
Escaping is done in Jade templates (by default).
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