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absolute urls in, PyPi does not like relative ones

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@@ -48,14 +48,14 @@ so others don't need to modify their hosts.
## Setup and Configuration
-See [](/posativ/regenwolken/blob/master/doc/ and
-[CONFIG.rst](/posativ/regenwolken/blob/master/doc/CONFIG.rst) for details.
+See []( and
+[CONFIG.rst]( for details.
## API implementation
regenwolken provides all API calls to get working and has only few
calls of [CloudApp's API]( missing. See
-[](/posativ/regenwolken/blob/master/doc/ for a complete list of
+[]( for a complete list of
features. Below, the following are currently covered by the web interface.
# -H "Accept: text/html"

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