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regenwolken – an open source, self-hosting

CloudApp sucks! Well, is really handy – but it's free of charge and this can't be good! regenwolken offers an alternate API implementation; hosted on your own server!


I've set up a server open for everyone. Simply, add to your /etc/hosts. Items older than three days will be purged at midnight (only a small vserver). Happy testing!

How to use regenwolken

To work as an alternative CloudApp-server, you have to edit their DNS to point your own IP in /etc/hosts. This will not interfere with CloudApp-Service itself, because they're using and for sharing.


You might wonder, why we ask for "|". Your /etc/hosts will resolve to your server IP and requesting with the Host, but it returns an URL pointing to your (real) server/domain.

Note: you should set a hostname (=domain name) in conf.yaml, where you host regenwolken. This will return into customized URLs, pointing directly to your server.

Setup and Configuration

There are two different setups: serve on port 80 as HTTP server or use a proxy. See for detailed instruction. For configuration details see USAGE.rst.

API implementation

regenwolken provides all API calls to get working and has only few calls of CloudApp's API missing. See for a complete list of features. Below, the following are currently covered by the web interface.

# -H "Accept: text/html"

/                          - GET basic web interface
/items/<short_id>          - GET file or redirect from bookmark
/items/<short_id>/filename - GET same as /items/<short_id>
/<short_id>                - GET viso-like file view or redirect from bookmark
/thumb/<short_id>          - GET thumbnail of item

Thanks to cmur2 for his feature-rich CLI and help to build this service!



  • Mac OS X
  • Cloudette – free CloudApp iPhone client, works flawlessly
  • BlueNube – 1,99$ iPad client
  • Stratus – CloudApp Client for iOS (iPhone/iPad); add to /etc/hosts as well.
  • cloudapp-cli – commandline tool
  • JCloudApp – cross-platform widget in Java
  • gloudapp – linux+GTK-based client

failing clients


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