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Releases: poseidon/matchbox

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  • Add dependabot Go module update automation (#833)
  • Build multi-arch container images (amd64, arm64) (#823)
  • Update Go version (v1.18.4) and alpine base image (v3.16.1)
  • Move dnsmasq container image to its own repo (#840)
  • Deprecate rendering Container Linux Configs
    • Please migrate to serving CoreOS Ignition directly
    • Use tools like poseidon/ct or butane to validate and convert a Butane Config (focs or flatcar) to Ignition (for Matchbox to serve)


  • Migrate docs website to GitHub Pages (#976)
  • Update Fedora CoreOS images and configuration (#972)
  • Update Fedora CoreOS initrd karg for UEFI (#978)
  • Update Flatcar Linux examples to use Ignition v3.3.0 (#980)
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  • Refresh docs and examples for Fedora CoreOS and Flatcar Linux (#815, #816)
  • Update Kubernetes manifest examples (#791, #817)
  • Update Matchbox container image publishing (#795)
    • Publish Matchbox images from internal infra to Quay (
    • Update Go version from v1.13.4 to v1.14.9
    • Update base image from alpine:3.10 to alpine:3.12 (#784)
  • Include contrib/k8s in release tarballs (#788)
  • Remove outdated systemd units (#817)
  • Remove RPM spec file (Copr publishing stopped in v0.6)
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  • Publish docs to (#769)
  • Update Go version from v1.11.7 to v1.13.4 (#766, #770)
  • Update container image base from alpine:3.9 to alpine:3.10 (#761)
  • Include get-fedora-coreos convenience script (#763)
  • Remove Kubernetes provisioning examples (#759)
  • Remove rkt tutorials and docs (#765)
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  • Migrate Matchbox repo from coreos to poseidon GitHub Org
  • Publish container images at
  • Build Matchbox with Go v1.11.7 for images and binaries
  • Update container image base from alpine:3.6 to alpine:3.9
  • Render Container Linux Configs as Ignition v2.2.0
  • Validate raw Ignition configs with the v2.2 spec (warn-only)
    • Fix warnings that v2.2 configs are too new

Note: Release signing key has changed with the project move.


  • Update Kubernetes example clusters to v1.14.1 (Terraform-based)
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  • Add kernel_args variable to the terraform bootkube-install cluster definition
  • Add get-flatcar helper script
  • Add optional TLS support to read-only HTTP API
  • Build Matchbox with Go 1.11.1 for images and binaries


  • Upgrade Kubernetes example clusters to v1.10.0 (Terraform-based)
  • Upgrade Kubernetes example clusters to v1.8.5
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  • Add gRPC API endpoints for managing generic templates
  • Update Container Linux config transpiler to v0.5.0
  • Update Ignition to v0.19.0, render v2.1.0 Ignition configs
  • Drop support for Container Linux versions below 1465.0.0 (breaking)
  • Build Matchbox with Go 1.8.5 for images and binaries
  • Remove Profile Cmdline map (deprecated in v0.5.0), use Args slice instead
  • Remove pixiecore support (deprecated in v0.5.0)
  • Remove ContextHandler, ContextHandlerFunc, and NewHandler from the matchbox/http package.


  • Upgrade Kubernetes example clusters to v1.8.4
  • Kubernetes examples clusters enable etcd TLS
  • Deploy the Container Linux Update Operator (CLUO) to coordinate reboots of Container Linux nodes in Kubernetes clusters. See the cluster addon docs.
  • Kubernetes examples (terraform and non-terraform) mask locksmithd
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  • Improve the installation documentation (#524)
  • Move examples/etc/matchbox/cert-gen to scripts/tls (#524)
  • Build Matchbox with Go 1.8.3 for images and binaries (#552)


  • Upgrade self-hosted Kubernetes cluster examples to v1.6.4 (#538)
  • Add NoSchedule taint to self-hosted Kubernetes controllers (#528)
  • Remove static Kubernetes and rktnetes cluster examples (#544)

Note: There are no RPM changes (i.e. no v0.6.1) in the Copr repo, compilation is done by system Go.

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  • New terraform-provider-matchbox plugin for Terraform users!
  • New hosted documentation on
  • Add ProfileDelete, GroupDelete, IgnitionGet and IgnitionDelete gRPC endpoints
  • Build matchbox with Go 1.8 for container images and binaries
  • Generate code with gRPC v1.2.1 and matching Go protoc-gen-go plugin
  • Update Ignition to v0.14.0 and coreos-cloudinit to v1.13.0
  • Update "fuze" docs to the new name Container Linux Configs
  • Remove bootcmd binary from release tarballs


  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.5.5 (static) example clusters
  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.6.1 (self-hosted) example cluster
  • Use etcd3 by default in all clusters (remove etcd2 clusters)
  • Add Terraform examples for etcd3 and self-hosted Kubernetes 1.6.1
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  • Rename project to CoreOS matchbox! (#400)
  • Add @CoreOS/matchbox RPM Copr repository
  • Add Profile args field to list kernel args (#396)
  • Update Fuze and Ignition to v0.11.2 (#397)
  • Update protobuf and gRPC generated code (#417)
  • Use iPXE variable ${mac:hexhyp} instead of ${net0/mac:hexhyp} (#410)
  • Switch from to context (#414)
  • Deprecate Profile cmd field map of kernel args (#396)
  • Deprecate Pixiecore support (#397)
  • Drop build support for Go 1.6 (#414)


  • Move repo from to
  • Rename bootcfg binary to matchbox
  • Rename bootcfg packages to matchbox
  • Publish a container image. The image will no longer be updated.
  • Rename environment variable prefix from BOOTCFG* to MATCHBOX*
  • Change config directory to /etc/matchbox
  • Change default -data-path to /var/lib/matchbox
  • Change default -assets-path to /var/lib/matchbox/assets


  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.5.1 (static) example clusters
  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.5.1 (self-hosted) example cluster
  • Switch Kubernetes (self-hosted) to run flannel as pods
  • Combine rktnetes Ignition into Kubernetes static cluster
  • Add a script devnet for trying matchbox locally (#425)


  • binary users should install the matchbox binary (see installation)
  • rkt/docker users should start using (see installation)
  • RPM users should uninstall bootcfg and install matchbox (see installation)
  • Move /etc/bootcfg configs and certificates to /etc/matchbox
  • Move /var/lib/bootcfg data to /var/lib/matchbox
  • See the new contrib/systemd service examples
  • Remove the old bootcfg user if you created one
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  • Add RPM packages to Copr (docs)
  • Fix packaged contrib/systemd units
  • Update Go version to 1.7.4


  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.4.6 (static manifest) example clusters
  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.4.6 (rktnetes) example clusters
  • Upgrade Kubernetes v1.4.6 (self-hosted) example cluster