Render kubernetes-incubator/bootkube assets with Terraform
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terraform-render-bootkube is a Terraform module that renders kubernetes-incubator/bootkube assets for bootstrapping a Kubernetes cluster.


terraform-render-bootkube is a low-level component of the Typhoon Kubernetes distribution. Use Typhoon modules to create and manage Kubernetes clusters across supported platforms. Use the bootkube module if you'd like to customize a Kubernetes control plane or build your own distribution.


Use the module to declare bootkube assets. Check for options and terraform.tfvars.example for examples.

module "bootkube" {
  source = "git::"

  cluster_name = "example"
  api_servers = [""]
  etcd_servers = [""]
  asset_dir = "/home/core/clusters/mycluster"

Generate the assets.

terraform init
terraform get --update
terraform plan
terraform apply

Find bootkube assets rendered to the asset_dir path. That's it.


Render bootkube assets directly with bootkube v0.14.0.

bootkube render --asset-dir=assets --api-servers= --etcd-servers=

Compare assets. Rendered assets may differ slightly from bootkube assets to reflect decisions made by the Typhoon distribution.

pushd /home/core/mycluster
mv manifests-networking/* manifests
diff -rw assets /home/core/mycluster