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Composition Score Calculator

Composition Score Calculator


This easy to use matlab project calculates an image's composition score to measure its aesthetic quality using Deep Learning. Included is a GUI that takes an image and displays its score in a user friendly way.


  • getCompScore_demo.m : Main function

    • Extract prominent line and salient object information of an input image then using these information, calculate total composition score
    • Total composition score is weighted sum of four composition guideline score (Rule of Third, Visual Balance, Diagonal Dominance, Object Size)
      Composition Score
  • getLine.m : Extract prominent line from an input image

  • getLineValue.m : Measure the composition score that is related to line information

  • CompositionDemo.m : Demo function (GUI Environment)

    • This function runs a GUI environment for calculating the composition score Compsition Demo GUI


  • Matlab


This software is being made available under the terms in the LICENSE file.

Any exemptions to these terms requires a license from the Pohang University of Science and Technology.


Eunbin Hong (hong5827 [at] postech [dot] ac [dot] kr)

About Coupe Project

Project ‘COUPE’ aims to develop software that evaluates and improves the quality of images and videos based on big visual data. To achieve the goal, we extract sharpness, color, composition features from images and develop technologies for restoring and improving by using it. In addition, personalization technology through user preference analysis is under study.

Please checkout out other Coupe repositories in our Posgraph github organization.

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