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Noon to Night

Noon to Night Color Transfer

Torch implementation for transferring noon image to night image.


Network structure for transformation network looks: network

This repository contains train and test codes for reproduce. Pretrained network model and dataset will be distributed soon.


  • torch

Getting Started


git clone
cd coupe.noon_to_night/Noon\ to\ Night

Training and Test Details

  • you need to specify directories for dataset, checkpoint and sample in
  • To train a model,
th train.lua
  • To test the model,
th inference.lua


This software is being made available under the terms in the LICENSE file.

Any exemptions to these terms requires a license from the Pohang University of Science and Technology.

About Coupe Project

Project ‘COUPE’ aims to develop software that evaluates and improves the quality of images and videos based on big visual data. To achieve the goal, we extract sharpness, color, composition features from images and develop technologies for restoring and improving by using it. In addition, personalization technology through user preference analysis is under study.

Please checkout out other Coupe repositories in our Posgraph github organization.

Useful Links