Digital Christmas cards I've made for my colleagues (so far, 2010-2016)
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Merry Christmas from me!

Every year since 2010 I have made a web app as a kind of digital Christmas 'card' for my colleagues. The first couple were basically CSS3 card effects with some flashy stuff added. The next two were WebGL, using Three.js and Goo. Then 2014's was a mobile-friendly Pixi.js game called "Santa Wants Pies" and 2015 was all about Star Wars!

  • 2010 - a simple CSS3 card effect - demo, source
  • 2011 - improved CSS3 card - demo, source
  • 2012 - Three.js (WebGL) animation - demo, source
  • 2013 - interactive Goo Engine (WebGL) scene - demo, source
  • 2014 - "Santa Wants Pies", a mobile-friendly game (Pixi.js) - demo, source
  • 2015 - Star Wars themed animation (mo.js) - demo, source
  • 2016 - "Snag the Snowflake", another little mobile-friendly game (Pixi.js) - demo, source
  • 2017 - a WebAROnARCore snowman and snow demo - demo, source
  • 2018 - an AR snowman springs from a logo, using AR.js - demo, source

This repository is the container project, for combining and linking to the cards.

Thank you

Over the years I have made use of various assets to make these Christmas cards - thank you to everyone whose resources I've used!

Thanks! Get in touch at peter.oshaughnessy at gmail dot com.