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Gets the IP ranges associated with Azure regions in CIDR format
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Gets the IP ranges associated with Azure regions in CIDR format for all public regions.

Authored by Kieran Jacobsen


The easiest way to get AzurePublicIPAddresses is using the PowerShell Gallery!

Inspecting the module

Best practice is that you inspect modules prior to installing them. You can do this by saving the module to a local path:

PS> Save-Module -Name AzurePublicIPAddresses -Path <path>

Installing the module

Once you trust a module, you can install it using:

PS> Install-Module -Name AzurePublicIPAddresses

Updating AzurePublicIPAddresses

Once installed from the PowerShell Gallery, you can update it using:

PS> Update-Module -Name AzurePublicIPAddresses

Removing AzurePublicIPAddresses

To remove AzurePublicIPAddresses:

PS> Uninstall-Module -Name AzurePublicIPAddresses

Contributing to AzurePublicIPAddresses

Interested in contributing? Read how you can Contribute to AzurePublicIPAddresses

This project is maintains a Code of Conduct that establishes how the project is governed and how everyone involved is expected to behave. You can report unacceptable behavior to

Release History

A detailed release history is contained in the Change Log.


AzurePublicIPAddresses is provided under the MIT license.

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