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@hallahan hallahan released this May 30, 2016 · 20 commits to master since this release

The big release is here!!! There's once again a lot more new functionality, and we've finally gotten to the point where we can call it feature complete. Further releases on Version 1.* will be bug fixes and tweaks.


The latest sprint focused on constraint functionality. Basically, via JSON configuration files, you can add special functionality to the tagging UX of OSM data. The options include:

Multiple Values Per Key

  • Ability to declar the tag UI between radio buttons and checkboxes, putting the tag interface in Select One and Select Multiple modes respectively.

Required Tags Force User To Answer

  • Puts a Required label on a tag swipe view and requires the user to answer the required tags.

Implicit Tag Recorded Wihtout UI

  • No tag UI is presented, the implicit tag key / value is recorded without any user intervention.

Default Value for a Tag

  • A default value is pre-selected in the UI.

Typeahead Based off of Tag Index

  • As the user begins typing in a TextArea, tag value suggestions are made.

Skip Logic

  • show_if and hide_if constraints can be applied to a tag, showing or hiding based on a condition of a key / value of another tag.

Numeric Input

  • The numeric keypad can pop up by default.

Enable / Disable Custom Value Input

  • You can declare if you want to allow a custom select one / select multiple value.

Constraints JSON

  • A simple JSON schema declares the constraints.

Additional Features

In addition, we have:

Removed Delete Button

Show Field Paper GeoJSON File in Deployment Details

Improve Text Formatting of Tags in MapView

Better Error Messaging

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