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A form building & validation library designed with best-practises in security, accessibility, semantics and interaction in mind
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Field class hierarchy

Italicised items denote abstract classes. All classnames are by convention and follow the template FormIOField_ + the field name with an uppercase first letter.

  • raw
    • text
      • alpha
      • alphanumeric
      • numeric
        • currency
      • autocomplete
      • submit
      • button
        • reset
      • captcha
        • recaptcha
        • securimage
      • checkbox
      • multiple
        • dropdown
          • radiogroup
            • checkgroup
        • survey
      • creditcard
      • date
        • daterange
        • time
          • datetime
            • timerange
      • email
      • file
      • hidden
      • password
      • passwordchange
      • phone
      • postcode
      • readonly
      • group
        • repeater
      • textarea
      • url
    • fieldsetstart
      • sectionbreak
    • spacer
      • fieldsetend
    • header
    • subheader
    • image
    • paragraph

Output order

As it may be important for some frontend integrations, the DOM order of the form's output is clear and flows in a straightforward way. When forms process and generate their HTML, templates for each section are rendered in the following order:

  1. header section
    1. FIELDS
  2. status message
  3. errors
  4. navigation
    1. FIELDS
  5. footer section
    1. FIELDS


Improve documentation :p

New fields

  • implement survey, base on Repeater? (+ dependency handling JS)

Frontend features

  • create theming system and implement HTML5 frontend
  • allow reconfiguring output order of various form sections
  • implement remaining core validators in JS:
    • regex matching for primitive types
    • email (HTML4)
    • credit card MOD10
    • time & date types
    • password matching for passwordchange
    • repeater / repeated field dependency handling?
  • ajax submission
  • readonly mode / confirmation screens

Backend features

  • configurable storage for file upload persistence between requests
  • implement correct eror handling for file inputs when placed inside a repeater

Structural changes

  • redo CSS using a preprocessor
  • store errors in Field instances instead of Form object

Add to demo

  • groups (and repeaters)
  • entirely custom field types
  • validators: regex others defined in Text and Numeric
  • status messages


This software is provided under an MIT open source license, read the 'LICENSE.txt' file for details.

Copyright © 2010-20** Sam Pospischil (pospi at spadgos dot com)

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