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posquit0's dotfiles

posquit0's dotfiles

dotfiles for super nerds written by posquit0

This dotfiles contains awesome configurations for CLI commands and X environments, along with powerfully customized Vim, Zsh and Tmux environments for nerds.


As the size of dotfiles is bigger, I decided to manage the dotfiles of Vim, Zsh and TMUX as submodules. You can check below links if you only want those configurations.


$ git clone ~/.dotfiles
$ cd ~/.dotfiles
$ ./install


  • Git: my dotfiles is managed using git


You are free to take my dotfiles and modify it to create your own.

If you have any questions, feel free to join me at #posquit0 on Freenode and ask away. Click here to connect.

Good luck!


MIT © Byungjin Park