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😤 Awesome Identity is a single-page Hugo theme to introduce yourself.


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Awesome Identity

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Awesome Identity is a single-page Hugo theme to introduce yourself. Add a portrait, an introduction, serveral links, and you're set.

Awesome Identity Screenshot


  • Extremely simple to use
  • Responsive layout, supports any screen size
  • Customizable theme colors
  • Supports Google Analytics
  • Live chat with Crisp integration

Getting Started

To use this theme you will need to have Hugo installed. If you don't have Hugo installed please follow Install Hugo.

Create a new Hugo site

$ hugo new site my-identity

Install the theme

If your site is under version control using git, the easiest way to install this theme is to add it as a submodule. Inside the directory of your Hugo site, run the following command.

$ git submodule add themes/awesome-identity

Alternatively, you can clone the theme into your project.

$ git clone themes/awesome-identity

Configure Hugo

Add the following line to config.toml to tell Hugo to use the theme.

theme = "awesome-identity"

Alternatively, you can tell Hugo to use the theme with the -t option.

$ hugo server -t awesome-identity

Run server for development

After installing the theme for the first time, generate the Hugo site.

$ hugo server

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.


Take a look in the exampleSite/ directory.

This directory contains an example config file and the content for the demo. It serves as an example setup for your documentation.

Copy the config.toml into the root directory of your website. Overwrite the existing config if necessary.


You can put your own contacts such as e-mail address, or social media accounts. The contacts will be linked using icons from Font Awesome.

Currently, Awesome Identity supports: Email, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, StackOverflow, Keybase, and Medium. Feel free to create Pull Request if you need other contact type.

## Contacts Configurations
  email = ""
  github = "john.smith"
  gitlab = "john.smith"
  twitter = "john.smith"
  facebook = "john.smith"
  linkedin = "john.smith"
  instagram = "john.smith"
  stackoverflow = "7919458"
  keybase = "john.smith"
  medium = "john.smith"
  xing = "john.smith"


## Footer Configurations
  copyright = "© 2019 John Smith. [CC BY-NC-SA 4.0]("
  poweredBy = true

HTTP meta tags & OpenGraph

Google Analytics



Internationalization (i18n)


If you have installed the theme as a git submodule, you can update the theme by issuing the following command inside your project directory.

$ git submodule update --remote --rebase

If you have cloned the theme, you can run git pull inside the theme directory.


This project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs or ask feature requests.


Provided under the terms of the MIT License.

Copyright © 2019-2020, Byungjin Park.

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