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Failed to load latest commit information. Update link in readme Apr 6, 2014
api.js Bugfixes May 23, 2014
examples.txt Bootstraperized May 23, 2014
index.html Bootstraperized May 23, 2014
jquery-1.11.0.js Initial commit, working simple drumsampler with waveform editor Apr 5, 2014
pattern.js More ui tweaks, more examples Apr 5, 2014
player.js Pitching samples, ui tweaks Apr 5, 2014
sampler.js Fix https bug Sep 22, 2014
track.js Editor and sampler works with slices, more stable playback timer. Apr 5, 2014
waveformer.js Pitching samples, ui tweaks Apr 5, 2014

Javascript Drum Sequencer

Hack using 30s preview mp3s from Spotify api's to generate drumtracks.

Try it:

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