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Our contribution to the Smart Cities Green Hackathon in Stockholm Sweco City Sensors category.

Real-time & cheap sensor fusion of air, noise and light pollution to provide actionable insights to make outdoor and indoor environments liveable and green


View the slides here

The visualization

In the app/ folder you find the node.js proxy, run npm install then node app.js to start it, then go to http://localhost:3000 to see the sensor data in real time.


The Arduino firmware

In the firmware/ folder you find the Arduino firmware for this project, it uses three cheap sensors, one for air quality (MQ135), one for temperature and humidity (DHT11) and one for sound.

MQ135 DHT11

Right now the arduino needs to run tethered to a computer that will render the values, the goal of course would be to connect a cheap gps and modem so that this could be made wireless and put up all over the city.