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An attempt at recreating the spotify player using only the Web API's
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Spotify Web API Player Example

This is a Web Player built using the Spotify Web API. For trying it out, you can navigate to or clone the project and run it locally.

Web API Player Example Screenshot

Note that you will need a Spotify account (either free or premium) to log in to the site.

How to Run

You will need to run a server. The example is ready to work in the port 8000, so you can do:

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000

and open http://localhost:8000 in a browser. (This requires python to be installed on your machine.)


Most of the functionality offered through the Spotify Web API endpoints is implemented in this player:

  • Play 30 second audio previews
  • Render track, album and artist information
  • Render new releases in Spotify and featured playlists
  • Search for tracks
  • Fetch user's playlists, rename then and change their visibility
  • Delete track from playlist
  • Fetch user's saved tracks and save a tracks
  • Follow and unfollow artists or users
  • Check if the user is following an artist or user
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