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Trix for managing Meteor deployment configurations
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Deploy Config

Trix for managing Meteor deployment configurations

What's it for?

Sometimes a new instance of an app needs to be configured before it's useful. This library takes a simple approach to solving that problem. There are two components:

1) A smart package that provides a DeployConfig key/value store that's backed by Mongo.

2) A command line app that prompts for each unsatisfied value and communicates them back to the deployed app (yes, over DDP!).


1) Install the smart package into your app with Meteorite (or your preferred method)

  mrt add deploy-config

2) Install mcfg using npm

  npm install -g meteor-deploy-config

How do I use it?

Start by fetching values from the DeployConfig key/value store. If the value is already in DeployConfig the callback gets called right away:

DeployConfig.get('googleSecret', function(secret) {;


TODO: implement this!

DeployConfig.get('secret1', 'secret2', 'secret3', function(secret1, secret2, secret3) {
  console.log(secret1, secret2, secret3);

After you deploy your app run the command line utility and you'll be prompted for any values that your app needs to get from DeployConfig. These values will be sent to the server, saved in DeployConfig and their callbacks will be invoked:

mcfg --hostname --port 3333

Security recommendations

This package has no real security features of it's own. When you deploy an app that contains calls to DeployConfig.get() any ddp client can connect to it and set any unsatisfied values but after they are set they cannot be set again. Potentially I'll add authentication but I think for now this security-by-first-come-first-served is good enough for most environments. I recommend:

  • Do everything over SSL! When you specify port 443 mcfg will use the wss:// protocol.

  • If you need better security than this please help me add it!

  • For most environments running mcfg immediately after you deploy will be Secure Enough™

    meteor deploy cool-app && mcfg -h -p 443
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