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a quick notetaking plugin
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A quick-notetaking plugin for vim.

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There are many notetaking plugins for vim. Most of them depend on your notes having a certain format for the convenience of highlighting stuff like headers, lists and links. Also mostly, they don't provide a workflow for your notetaking: you need to create manually a file to put your notes on and save it somewhere with a name that hopefully makes sense (ever saved a note and then updated its contents so the filename no longer applied?). Usually too, taking notes is disruptive of whatever you are doing: imagine you're coding and have an idea you think you might use afterwards. Ideally, you could just take the note right there, without needing to travel to your notes, or cluttering your filesystem.

vim-pad tries to solve those issues, by focusing on a definite workflow. First, it makes it so you can at any moment (in insert and normal mode):

  • open your notes.
  • search in your notes.
  • create a new note.

Also, it keeps the filename issue away by:

  • naming your files after the time you created them. This makes them unique and allows for easy sorting. The filenames are updated when changes are made in old files, so the date is always equal to the last time you modified your notes.
  • considering the first line of your document as its title. This is in tune with the way most markup styles work (e.g., markdown)

vim-pad doesn't specify a format for your notes. Instead, it uses a default, which you can configure, and allows the use of modelines. Esentially, this means your notes can be free-form, and you can adapt them to your needs.

Configuration in Usage

In vim, see

:help vim-pad
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