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A quick notetaking plugin for vim.

It offers a way of managing notes similar to the one in tools like Notational Velocity: file management is removed from the notetaking workflow, and creation and searching of notes can be done using the same interface.

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Configuration and Usage

IMPORTANT: you must set the g:pad_dir variable to a valid path. It is recommended to use an empty folder for this.

For the full documentation, please consult

:help vim-pad


vim-pad has two goals:

  • Abstract file management for notes. You shouldn't have to think about where to put your notes and how to name them.

  • Make input and retrieval of notes as fast as possible. Search should be easy.

Or, in a sentence: to make note taking as effortless as possible, trying never to disrupt your workflow more than necessary.

vim-pad tries to solve those issues, by enabling a definite workflow for note taking. First, with it you can at any moment (in insert and normal mode):

  • list/search in your notes, and then retrieve them.
  • create a new note.

It abstracts file management by:

  • keeping your notes in a single place.
  • naming your files after the time you created them. This makes them unique and allows for easy historical sorting. The filenames are updated when changes are made in old files, so the date is always equal to the last time you modified your notes.
  • considering the first line of your document as its title. This is in tune with the way most markup styles work (e.g., markdown)

vim-pad doesn't specify a format for your notes. Instead, it uses a default, which you can configure, and allows the use of modelines (modelines aren't shown in the list of notes). This means that your notes can be free-form and adapt to your needs, and also, that you can use vim-pad as a complement for other note taking plugins.