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Welcome to the BSD Programming Workshop wiki!


Intro to FreeBSD Workshop

Setting up Python on FreeBSD

Setting up Nextcloud in a FreeBSD Jail

Configs I'm currently using

.tcshrc This goes in the home folder with a dot(.) at the start. ex fetch && mv tcshrc ~/.tcshrc

.vimrc This goes in the home folder with a dot(.) at the start. Also I use a vimtmp directory. ex mkdir ~/vimtmp && fetch && mv vimrc ~/.vimrc

Hardware I'm currently using


Dell Latitude 5580 running up to date FreeBSD-RELEASE. I upgrade ASAP when new releases come out. I have issues with the built in touch pad and even when using a supported Intel wireless, this laptop doesn't recognize it for some reason, oh well I use an external USB Wifi dongle and an external USB wired mouse X10 from EVGA


I have three desktops running FreeBSD-RELEASE. They're all ASUS motherboards, EVGA graphics cards (one of the machines has a built in graphics card in the ASUS motherboard), Cooler Master EVO 212 cooling towers that keep the processors cool (I use arctic silver thermal paste in between the processor and the cooling tower also the towers have fans attached to them), AMD processors, two FX 6300's and an older Phenom II, both are 6-core, each with 8GB DDR3 ram, SSD's in all, smallest spinning HDD is 1TB largest is 4TB. I use ZFS mirrors with the 3TB drives as well as the 4TB drives for redundancy. I'm using BackBlaze B2 for off-site backups.


1 Bare-bones router with 120GB SSD and 8GB ram

2 EdgeRouter Lite from Ubiquiti

3 SG-1000 from Netgate

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