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Simple logger which can do automatic log rotation
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A replacement for Logger that offers more robust handling of log rotation.

The built-in logger supports log rotation on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but not with more fine-grained control. Birling will allow rotation by hour, by day, or by an arbitrary amount of time expressed in seconds.

Additionally, Birling will automatically remove old log files. These can be pruned off by age, by retaining a minimum number of them, or a combination of both.


The interface is very similar to the built in logger facility that ships with Ruby:

logger ='test.log')"Application starting up.")

A short-hand method is available:

logger ='test.log')

Log rotation parameters are quite flexible. For example, to retain a maximum of ten hourly logs:

logger =
  period: :hourly,
  retain_count: 10

Alternatively the retention period can be expressed in terms of time where log files that could have been created by this logger which are older than that period will be removed:

logger =
  period: :hourly,
  retain_period: 10 * 3600

The format of the resulting log-file can be adjusted by supplying a formatter. Several arguments passed to the formatter's call method, so a lambda, a module or an object instance could be used for this purpose.


logger =
  formatter: -> (severity, time, program, message) { "#{time}> #{message}\n" }

Note that the formatter is responsible for introducing any line-feeds into the resulting output stream. This gives the formatter complete control over what is written to the log.


The log rotation feature, for reasons that should be obvious, will not work on loggers that are created with an existing file-handle. For example, when using STDOUT the logger will not rotate.


Copyright (c) 2011-2017 Scott Tadman, PostageApp, The Working Group Inc.

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