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Postal is an open source mail platform for sending & receiving e-mails

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  1. postal postal Public

    ✉️ A fully featured open source mail delivery platform for incoming & outgoing e-mail

    Ruby 13.3k 973

  2. docs docs Public

    📚 Documentation for the Postal mail server!

    JavaScript 116 45

  3. postal-php postal-php Public

    A PHP library for the Postal e-mail platform

    PHP 49 24

  4. postal-node postal-node Public

    A Node.js library for the Postal mail platform

    JavaScript 45 21

  5. postal-rails postal-rails Public

    A Rails library for the Postal e-mail platform

    Ruby 15 8

  6. install install Public

    👋 A set of useful tools for installing and running Postal.

    Shell 13 33


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