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  International Address API plugin for WooCommerce

Adds autocompletion for addresses to the checkout page. Multiple countries are supported using official postal data via the API.

This module has been created by Account

A account is required. Testing is free. After testing you can choose to purchase a subscription.

How to install

From this repository

Download the most recent release from releases.

In your WordPress administration panel, go to Plugins > Add New and click the Upload Plugin button at the top of the page.

How to Use

In your WordPress administration panel go to Plugins > Installed Plugins and look for Address Autocomplete and activate it. Then click on Settings to configure the plugin.


The plugins texts are in English and Dutch, if you want to translate any of the plugins texts you can find out how to do so here: WordPress Localization

Address form field mapping

Depending on your checkout form fields the selected address data might not be placed in the form fields you would like. The mapping from form field names to address data is defined in addressFieldMapping.js. By changing PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.mapping you can assign your own preferred address data parts to their respective form fields.

An example of a mapping where _address_1 is used for the street, _house_number for the house number _address_2 for the house number addition:

PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.mapping = {
	'_address_1': PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.street,
	'_house_number': PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.houseNumber,
	'_address_2': PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.houseNumberAddition,
	'_postcode': PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.postcode,

To use this mapping replace PostcodeNlAddressFieldMapping.mapping = {...}; with the code above.


The code is available under the Simplified BSD License, see the included LICENSE file.