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Change Log

This project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Remove @babel/register from dependencies.


  • Use Babel 7.


  • Sort properties in autoprefixer --info alphabetically.
  • Fix old Firefox gradient prefix.


  • Fix autoprefixer --info in new Node.js.


  • Retain grid-gap through @media (by Bogdan Dolin).
  • Fix grid-template and @media (by Bogdan Dolin).
  • Fix Grid areas searching error (by Bogdan Dolin).
  • Fix span X Grid prefix (by Bogdan Dolin).
  • Fix docs (by Eduard Kyvenko).

9.1 “Equality before the law”

  • Add background-clip: text support.
  • Fix adding Grid span for IE (by Bogdan Dolin).


  • Show warning on Grid area names conflict (by Bogdan Dolin).
  • Fix documentation (by Sven Wagner).


  • Fix nested at-rules in Grid prefixes (by Ivan Malov).

9.0 “A Mari Usque Ad Mare”

  • Remove Node.js 9 and Node.js 4 support.
  • Remove IE and “dead” browsers from Babel.
  • Use PostCSS 7.0.
  • Use Browserslist 4.0.


  • Do not show Grid warnings if IE was not selected.


  • Fix stretch prefix in Chrome >= 46.


  • Add warnings for unsupported Grid features.
  • Add warnings about wrong Grid properties.
  • Add note about grid option for grid properties in autoprefixer --info.


  • Fix error during adding Grid prefixes in @media (by Evgeny Petukhov).


  • Fix grid-template with media queries (by Evgeny Petukhov).

8.6 “Follow Reason”

  • Add gap support (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Add two values support for grid-gap and gap (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Add ignoreUnknownVersions option for Browserslist.


  • Fix grid-template support wit auto row sizes (by Yury Timofeev).


  • Remove unnecessary warning on -webkit-fill-available.

8.5 “Muito Nobre e Sempre Leal”

  • Add grid-gap support (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Fix radial gradients direction fix.
  • Fix docs (by Phani Kandula and Huáng Jùnliàng).


  • Fix working in old PostCSS versions (by Diablohu).

8.4 “Non in aves, sed in angues”

  • Add /* autoprefixer: ignore next */ control comment (by Pavel Vostrikov).

8.3 “Benigno Numine”

  • Add @media support to grid-template (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Fix radial-gradient direction warning (by Gustavo Real).

8.2 “Ad Astra per Aspera”

  • Add color-adjust (by Sergey Lysenko, Stanislav Botev, and Yuriy Alekseyev).

8.1 “Rex, Familia et Ultio”

  • Add overscroll-behavior support.
  • Add grid-template shortcut support (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Add better grid-column-end and grid-row-end support (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Fix Grid properties support in @supports.

8.0 “Excelsior”

  • Use Browserslist 3.0.
  • Rename autoprefixer-info CLI tool to autoprefixer --info.
  • Remove break-* to page-break-* conversion for Firefox.


  • Fix -ms- prefix for grid cells with same grid-area (by Evgeny Petukhov).


  • Fix multiple prefixes in declaration value.


  • Fix IE 10 support.


  • Fix grid-template-areas in @media (by Evgeny Petukhov).


  • Fix _autoprefixerDisabled is undefined issue.


  • Fix IE and other old JS runtimes support.

7.2 “Ordem e Progresso”

  • Add grid-template-areas support (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Add grid-template support (by Evgeny Petukhov).
  • Add grid-area support (by Alexey Komarov).
  • Add autoprefixer-info CLI tool.
  • Add wrong radial-gradient properties warning.
  • Use current working dir on missed from in info() (by Phil Dokas).
  • Fix grid-row and grid-column support (by Alexey Komarov).
  • Do not prefix reverse animation direction.
  • Improve test coverage (by Dmitry Semigradsky).


  • Add warning for using browserslist option instead of browsers.
  • Add warning for multiple control comments in the same scope.
  • Fix Invalid array length error during indent changes.


  • Fix ::placeholder prefix for Edge.
  • Fix inherit/initial/unset values for flex-direction.
  • Fix RegExp usage in gradients (by Yet Another Minion).


  • Fix radial-gradient direction conversion.
  • Fix image-set in cursor.


  • Add warning for old radial-gradient direction syntax.


  • Fix text-decoration shortcut support.


  • Remove non--webkit- intrinsic prefixes in Grid Layout (by 一丝).

7.1 “Universitas litterarum”

  • Add unicode-bidi support.
  • Add -webkit-appearance support for Edge.
  • Add from option to info().
  • Fix intrinsic widths prefixes in Grid Layout.


  • Fix Autoprefixer for old JS runtimes.

7.0 “Coelestem adspicit lucem”

  • Remove node.js 0.12 support.
  • Use PostCSS 6.0.
  • Use Browserslist 2.
  • Use caniuse-lite instead of caniuse-db (by Ben Briggs).
  • Use ^ for Browserslist dependencies, instead of ~.
  • Rewrite project from CoffeeScript to Babel (by Dmitry Semigradsky).
  • Disable Grid Layout prefixes for IE by default.
  • Fix -ms-grid-column-align.
  • Move tests to Jest.


  • Fix order for non-digit values.


  • Fix font-kerning (by Chi Vinh Le).


  • Fix text-decoration-skip in iOS (by Chi Vinh Le).
  • Fix clip-path (by Chi Vinh Le).


  • Improve browsers option perfomance.
  • Update CoffeeScript compiler.


  • Fix compatibility with “Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing” spec update.


  • Do not prefix grid/flexbox in @supports on grid: false/flexbox: false.


  • Update Browserslist with last n version fix.

6.7 “Krungthep doot thep saang”

  • Add Electron support in browsers list (by Kilian Valkhof).
  • Add flex-flow partial support for Flexbox 2009 specification.
  • Fix browsers 0 version issue in some Can I Use data.


  • Add metadata to use Autoprefixer in JSS tests (by Chi Vinh Le).

6.6 “Kaiyuan”

  • Add browserslist key in package.json support.
  • Add support for separated environments in browserslist config.
  • Add browserslist-stats.json file support to load custom usage statistics.


  • Fix unitless 0 basis in IE10/IE11 shorthand flex (by Google).


  • Add error for popular mistake with browser option instead of browsers.


  • Clean prefixes data (by Reinaldo Schiehll).


  • Fix selectors with :-- prefix support.

6.5 “Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit”

  • Add defaults keyword to browsers requirements.
  • Fix CSS Grid Layout support.
  • Fix align-self cleaning.


  • Fix node cloning after some PostCSS plugins.

6.4 “Hic et ubique terrarum”

  • Add :any-link selector support.
  • Add text-decoration-skip support.
  • Add transition: duration property support.
  • Fix -webkit- prefix for backface-visibility.
  • Fix rad unit support in gradients (by 刘祺).
  • Fix transition support in Opera 12.
  • Removed Safari TP Grid prefixes support.


  • Fix rare Cannot read property 'constructor' of null issue.


  • Add Safari TP prefix support for Grid Layout.


  • Fix duplicate prefixes for -ms-interpolation-mode.


  • Show users coverage for selected browsers in info().


  • Fix transition warning.


  • Fix jspm support (by Sean Anderson).


  • Fix compatibility with Flexibility polyfill.

6.3 “Pro rege et lege”

  • Add Grid Layout support.
  • Add text-spacing support.
  • Add > 10% in my stats browsers query with custom usage statistics.
  • Add options to disable @supports, Flexbox or Grid support.
  • Fix compatibility with other PostCSS plugins.


  • Fix error on broken transition with double comma.


  • Fix issues in broken transitions.


  • Fix AST error in transition warning (by @jvdanilo).

6.2 “Fluctuat nec mergitur”

  • Use fill instead of fill-available according spec changes (by 一丝).
  • Add fill support for logical dimension properties (by 一丝).
  • Add text-emphasis support (by 一丝).
  • Add prefixes to @supports only for compatible browsers.
  • Add rad, grad and turn units support to linear gradients.
  • Add some deg directions support for old WebKit linear gradients.
  • Fix @supports parenthesis (by @heady).
  • Add warning when prefixes could not be generated for complicated transition-property values.
  • Add warning for outdated fill-available value.
  • Add warning for wrong text-emphasis-position value.
  • Add “time capsule” warning for prefix-less future.
  • Normalizes all warning messages.


  • Fix gradient hack on some parameters (by Alexey Efremov).


  • Fix cursor: grab and cursor: grabbing support.

6.1 “Bil-shaʿb wa lil-shaʿb”

  • Change transition support to output more robust CSS.
  • Add :read-only support.
  • Add support for appearance with any values.
  • Add CSS-in-JS support via postcss-js.
  • Add loud /*! autoprefixer: off */ control comments support.
  • Convert rotateZ to rotate for -ms-transform.
  • Use postcss-value-parser to carefully work with gradients.
  • Remove -ms-transform-style and -o-transform-style that never existed.


  • Fix old gradient direction warning.


  • Remove unnecessary -khtml- prefix too.


  • Fix cross-fade() support (by 一丝).

6.0 “Eureka”

  • CLI was removed from autoprefixer package to autoprefixer-cli.
  • autoprefixer-core and autoprefixer packages was merged back.
  • Remove autoprefixer(opt).process(css), use autoprefixer.process(css, opt).
  • Remove safe option. Use separated Safe parser from PostCSS.
  • Remove Opera 12.1 from default query.
  • Use PostCSS 5.0 API.
  • Add custom syntaxes support.
  • Add image-set support (by 一丝).
  • Add mask-border support (by 一丝).
  • Add filter() function support (by Vincent De Oliveira).
  • Add backdrop-filter support (by Vincent De Oliveira).
  • Add element() support (by Vincent De Oliveira).
  • Add CSS Regions support.
  • Add Scroll Snap Points support.
  • Add writing-mode support.
  • Add ::backdrop support.
  • Add cross-fade() support.
  • Add other break- properties support.
  • Add Microsoft Edge support (by Andrey Polischuk).
  • Add not keyword and exclude browsers by query.
  • Add version ranges IE 6-9 (by Ben Briggs).
  • Fix filter in transition support on Safari.
  • Fix url() parsing.
  • Fix pixelated cleaning.
  • Always show old gradient direction warning.


  • Fix parent-less node issue on some cases (by Josh Gillies).

5.2 “Dont tread on me”

  • Add appearance support.
  • Warn users on old gradient direction or flexbox syntax.
  • Add add: false option to disable new prefixes adding.
  • Make Autoprefixer 30% faster.
  • Use PostCSS 4.1 plugin API.
  • Add prefixes for pixelated instead of crisp-edges in image-rendering.
  • Do not add ::placeholder prefixes for :placeholder-shown.
  • Fix text-decoration prefixes.
  • autoprefixer.process() was deprecated. Use PostCSS API.


  • Update num2fraction to fix resolution media query (by 一丝).


  • Do not generate -webkit-image-rendering.


  • Fix DynJS compatibility (by Nick Howes).


  • Fix gradients in mask and mask-image properties.
  • Fix old webkit prefix on some unsupported gradients.


  • Fix placeholder selector (by Vincent De Oliveira).


  • Use official ::placeholder-shown selector (by Vincent De Oliveira).


  • Add transition support for CSS Masks properties.


  • Use -webkit- prefix for Opera Mobile 24.


  • Add IE support for image-rendering: crisp-edges.


  • Add never existed @-ms-keyframes to common mistake.


  • Safer value split in flex hack.

5.1 “Jianyuan”

  • Add support for resolution media query (by 一丝).
  • Higher accuracy while removing prefixes in values.
  • Add support for logical properties (by 一丝).
  • Add @viewport support.
  • Add text-overflow support (by 一丝).
  • Add text-emphasis support (by 一丝).
  • Add image-rendering: crisp-edges support.
  • Add text-align-last support.
  • Return autoprefixer.defaults as alias to current browserslist.defaults.
  • Save code style while adding prefixes to @keyframes and @viewport.
  • Do not remove -webkit-background-clip with non-spec text value.
  • Fix -webkit-filter in transition.
  • Better support for browser versions joined on Can I Use like ios_saf 7.0-7.1 (by Vincent De Oliveira).
  • Fix compatibility with postcss-import (by Jason Kuhrt).
  • Fix Flexbox prefixes for BlackBerry and UC Browser.
  • Fix gradient prefixes for old Chrome.

5.0 “Pravda vítězí”

  • Use PostCSS 4.0.
  • Use Browserslist to parse browsers queries.
  • Use global browserslist config.
  • Add > 5% in US query to select browsers by usage in some country.
  • Add object-fit and object-position properties support.
  • Add CSS Shape properties support.
  • Fix UC Browser name in debug info.
  • Remove autoprefixer.defaults and use defaults from Browserslist.


  • Remove o-border-radius, which is common mistake in legacy CSS.


  • Fix @supports support with brackets in values (by Vincent De Oliveira).

4.0 “Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter”

  • Become 2.5 times fatser by new PostCSS 3.0 parser.
  • Do not remove outdated prefixes by remove: false option.
  • map.inline and map.sourcesContent options are now true by default.
  • Add box-decoration-break support.
  • Do not add old -webkit- prefix for gradients with px units.
  • Use previous source map to show origin source of CSS syntax error.
  • Use from option from previous source map file field.
  • Set to value to from if to option is missing.
  • Trim Unicode BOM on source maps parsing.
  • Parse at-rules without spaces like @import"file".
  • Better previous sourceMappingURL annotation comment cleaning.
  • Do not remove previous sourceMappingURL comment on map.annotation: false.


  • Update Firefox ESR version from 24 to 31.


  • Use Flexbox 2009 spec for Android stock browser < 4.4.

3.1 “Satyameva Jayate”

  • Do not remove comments from prefixed values (by Eitan Rousso).
  • Allow Safari 6.1 to use final Flexbox spec (by John Kreitlow).
  • Fix filter value in transition in Webkits.
  • Show greetings if your browsers don’t require any prefixes.
  • Add <= and < browsers requirement (by Andreas Lind).


  • Fix autoprefixer.postcss in callbacks.

3.0 “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”

  • Project was split to autoprefixer (with CLI) and autoprefixer-core.
  • autoprefixer() now receives only options object with browsers key.
  • GNU format for syntax error messages from PostCSS 2.2.

2.2 “Mobilis in mobili”

  • Allow to disable Autoprefixer for some rule by control comment.
  • Use PostCSS 2.1 with Safe Mode option and broken source line in CSS syntax error messages.


  • Fix -webkit-background-size hack for contain and cover values.
  • Don’t add -webkit- prefix to filter with SVG (by Vincent De Oliveira).

2.1 “Eleftheria i thanatos”

  • Add support for clip-path and mask properties.
  • Return -webkit- prefix to filter with SVG URI.


  • Add readable names for new browsers from 2.0 release.
  • Don’t add -webkit- prefix to filter with SVG URI.
  • Don’t add -o- prefix 3D transforms.


  • Save declaration style, when clone declaration to prefix.

2.0 “Hongik Ingan”

  • Based on PostCSS 1.0. See options changes.
  • Restore visual cascade after declaration removing.
  • Enable visual cascade by default.
  • Prefix declareation in @supports at-rule conditions.
  • Add all browsers from Can I Use: ie_mob, and_chr, and_ff, op_mob and op_mini.
  • Allow to use latest Autoprefixer from GitHub by npm.
  • Add --no-cascade, --annotation and --sources-content options to binary.


  • Fix gradient hack, when background property contains color.

1.3 “Tenka Fubu”

  • Add text-size-adjust support.
  • Add background-size to support Android 2.

1.2 “Meiji”

  • Use Can I Use data from official caniuse-db npm package.
  • Remove package data update from binary.
  • Use increment value instead of current date in minor versions.

1.1 “Nutrisco et extingo”

  • Add source map annotation comment support.
  • Add inline source map support.
  • Autodetect previous source map.
  • Fix source maps support on Windows.
  • Fix source maps support in subdirectory.
  • Prefix selector even if it is already prefixed by developer.
  • Add option cascade to create nice visual cascade of prefixes.
  • Fix flexbox support for IE 10 (by Roland Warmerdam).
  • Better break-inside support.
  • Fix prefixing, when two same properties are near.


  • Add touch-action support.


  • Chrome 33 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Chrome 36 data.


  • Add text-decoration-* properties support.
  • Update browsers usage statistics.
  • Use new PostCSS version.


  • Check already prefixed properties after current declaration.
  • Normalize spaces before already prefixed check.
  • Firefox 28 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Firefox 31 data.
  • Add some Blackberry data.


  • Don’t use -ms-transform in @keyframes, because IE 9 doesn’t support animations.
  • Update BlackBerry 10 data.


  • Update browsers usage statistics.
  • Opera 20 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Opera 22 data.


  • Chrome 34 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Chrome 37 data.
  • Fix Chrome 36 data.


  • Fix display: inline-flex support by 2009 spec.
  • Fix old WebKit gradient converter (by Sergey Belov).
  • Fix CSS 3 cursors data (by Nick Schonning).


  • Separate 2D and 3D transform prefixes to clean unnecessary -ms- prefixes.
  • Firefox 29 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Firefox 32 data.


  • Do not add -ms- prefix for transform with 3D functions.
  • Update browsers global usage statistics.


  • Remove unnecessary -moz- prefix for wavy in text-decoration.
  • Update Safari data for font properties.


  • Chrome 36 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Chrome 38 data.


  • Opera 21 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Opera 23 data.


  • Allow to parse gradients without space between color and position.
  • Add iOS 8, Safari 8 and Android 4.4.3 data.
  • Update browsers usage statistics.

1.0 “Plus ultra”

  • Source map support.
  • Save origin indents and code formatting.
  • Change CSS parser to PostCSS.
  • Preserve vendor-prefixed properties put right after unprefixed ones.
  • Rename compile() to process() and return result object, instead of CSS string.
  • Rename inspect() to info().
  • Add in binary -d option to specify output directory.
  • Binary now will not concat output files.
  • Allow to select last versions for specified browser.
  • Add full browser names aliases: firefox, explorer and blackberry.
  • Ignore case in browser names.
  • Change license to MIT.
  • Add prefixes inside custom at-rules.
  • Add only necessary prefixes to selector inside prefixed at-rule.
  • Safer backgrounds list parser in gradient hack.
  • Prefix @keyframes inside @media.
  • Don’t prefix values for CSS3 PIE properties.
  • Binary now shows file name in syntax error.
  • Use browserify to build standalone version.


  • Fix deprecated API convertor.
  • Add ::placeholder support for Firefix >= 18.
  • Fix vendor prefixes order.


  • Add -webkit- prefix for sticky position.
  • Update browsers popularity statistics.


  • Add selectors and at-rules sections to debug info.
  • Fix outdated prefixes cleaning.


  • Add Firefox ESR browser requirement.
  • Opera 18 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Opera 20 data.


  • Chrome 32 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Opera 34 data.


  • Fix flexbox properties names in transitions.
  • Add Chrome 35 and Firefox 29 data.


  • Android 4.4 stock browser and Opera 19 are moved to released versions.
  • Add Opera 21 data.
  • Update browsers usage statistics.


  • Add case insensitive to IE’s filter hack (by Dominik Schilling).
  • Improve selector prefixing in some rare cases (by Simon Lydell).
  • Firefox 27 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Firefox 30 data.

0.8 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

  • Add more browsers to defaults ("> 1%, last 2 versions, ff 17, opera 12.1" instead of just "last 2 browsers").
  • Keep vendor prefixes without unprefixed version (like vendor-specific hacks).
  • Convert gradients to old WebKit syntax (actual for Android 2.3).
  • Better support for several syntaxes with one prefix (like Flexbox and gradients in WebKit).
  • Add intrinsic and extrinsic sizing values support.
  • Remove never existed prefixes from common mistakes (like -ms-transition).
  • Add Opera 17 data.
  • Fix selector prefixes order.
  • Fix browser versions order in inspect.


  • Fix old WebKit gradients convertor on rgba() colors.
  • Allow to write old direction syntax in gradients.


  • Fix direction syntax in radial gradients.
  • Don’t prefix IE filter with modern syntax.


  • Fix parsing property name with spaces.


  • Fix processing custom framework prefixes (by Johannes J. Schmidt).
  • Concat outputs if several files compiled to one output.
  • Decrease standalone build size by removing unnecessary Binary class.
  • iOS 7 is moved to released versions.
  • Clean up binary code (by Simon Lydell).


  • Firefox 24 is moved to released versions.


  • Add support for grab, grabbing, zoom-in and zoom-out cursor values.


  • Chrome 30 is moved to released versions.


  • Don’t add another prefixes in rule with prefixed selector.


  • Opera 17 is moved to released versions.


  • Fix converting multiple gradients to old webkit syntax (by Aleksei Androsov).


  • Fix @host at-rule parsing.


  • IE 11 and Andrid 4.3 is moved to released versions.
  • Add Opera 18 data.
  • Add @namespace support.
  • Sort browser versions in data file.


  • Add Safari 6.1 data.
  • Add fx alias for Firefox.


  • Update Android future version to 4.4.
  • Google Chrome 32 added to future versions list.
  • Firefox 25 now is actual version, 27 and 28 added to future versions.
  • Browsers statistics are updated.


  • Google Chrome 33 added to future releases list.
  • Google Chrome 31 moved to current releases list.


  • Use old webkit gradients for old iOS and Safari (by Chad von Nau).
  • Fix direction conversion for old webkit gradients (by Chad von Nau).
  • Update browsers popularity statistics.


  • Firefox ESR in default browsers was changed to 24 version.
  • Firefox 26 was moved to current releases list.
  • Firefox 28 was added to future releases list.

0.7 “We Do Not Sow”

  • Add vendor prefixes to selectors.
  • Add ::selection and ::placeholder selectors support.
  • Allow to load support data from Can I Use pull requests.
  • Remove deprecated API.


  • Add hyphens support.


  • Add tab-size support.
  • Add :fullscreen support.


  • Allow to select browser versions by > and >= operator.
  • Fix flex properties in transition.


  • Add Firefox 25 data.


  • Add Chrome 31 and 30 data.
  • Fix CSS comments parsing (by vladkens).

0.6 “As High As Honor”

  • New faster API, which cache preprocessed data. Old API is deprecated.
  • A lot of perfomance improvements.
  • Add Opera 15 -webkit- prefix support.
  • Update Chrome 29 and Safari 7 prefixes data.
  • Add minor browsers in popularity select.
  • Better syntax error messages.


  • Add Chrome 30 data.


  • Don’t remove non-standard -webkit-background-clip: text.
  • Don’t remove IE hack on CSS parse.


  • Add Opera 16 data.
  • Fix “Invalid range in character class” error on Firefox.


  • Fix correct clone comments inside keyframes (by Alexey Plutalov).
  • Fix angle recalculation in gradients (by Roman Komarov).


  • Add border-image support.

0.5 “Ours is the Fury”

  • Rewrite Autoprefixer to be more flexible.
  • Use css, instead of Rework, to fix CSS parsing errors faster.
  • Fix a lot of CSS parsing errors.


  • More useful message for CSS parsing errors.
  • Remove old WebKit gradient syntax.
  • Fix parsing error on comment with braces.


  • Remove old Mozilla border-radius.
  • Don’t prefix old IE filter.
  • Remove old background-clip, background-size and background-origin prefixes.
  • Speed up regexps in values.
  • Allow to hack property declarations.


  • Convert flexbox properties to 2009 and 2012 specifications.
  • Improve messages on syntax errors.


  • Add Firefox 24 data.
  • Add prefixes for font-feature-settings.


  • Fix convert flex properties to old box-flex.

0.4 “Winter Is Coming”

  • Remove outdated prefixes.
  • Add border-radius and box-shadow properties to database.
  • Change degrees in webkit gradients.


  • Add old syntax in gradient direction.
  • Add old syntax for display: flex.
  • Update browser global usage statistics.


  • Add Firefox 23 data.


  • Add Chrome 29 data.


  • Fix compatibilty with Rework from git master.
  • Add minor browsers to data, which can be selected only directly.


  • Add Opera 15 and iOS 6.1 data.
  • Fix iOS versions in properties and values data.


  • Use latest Rework 0.15 with a lot of CSS parsing fixes.
  • Update browsers usage statistics.

0.3 “Growing Strong”

  • Rename autoprefixer.filter() to autoprefixer.rework().
  • Use own filters instead of Rework’s prefix and prefixValue.
  • Smarter value prefixer without false match “order” in “border”.
  • 40% faster.
  • Don’t add unnecessary properties instead of Rework’s prefixValue.
  • Don’t change properties order.
  • Sort properties and values in inspect output.
  • Add main to component config (by Jonathan Ong).
  • Fix documentation (by Sergey Leschina and Mark Vasilkov).


  • Fix value override in prefixer.


  • Prefix several same values in one property.
  • Fix Windows support in binary.
  • Improve print errors in binary.


  • Don’t add -webkit- prefix to IE filter.
  • Don’t duplicate prefixes on second run.

0.2 “Hear Me Roar!”

  • Update parse libraries.
  • Use component package manager to build standalone script.
  • Add inspect to standalone script.

0.1 “Fire and Blood”

  • Initial release.